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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Sisters Keeper

Sara and Brian Fitzgerald's life with their young son and their two-year-old daughter, Kate, is forever altered when they learn that Kate has leukemia. The parents' only hope is to conceive another child, specifically intended to save Kate's life. For some, such genetic engineering would raise both moral and ethical questions; for the Fitzgeralds, Sara in particular, there is no choice but to do whatever it takes to keep Kate alive. And what it takes is Anna.

Kate (Sofia Vassilieva) and Anna (Abigail Breslin) share a bond closer than most sisters: though Kate is older, she relies on her little sister--in fact, her life depends on Anna.

Throughout their young lives, the sisters endure various medical procedures and hospital stays--just another part of their close-knit family's otherwise normal life. Sara (Cameron Diaz), a loving wife and mother who left her career as an attorney to care for her daughter, is sometimes lost inside the single-minded caregiver she has become in her efforts to save Kate. Her strong, supportive husband, Brian (Jason Patric), is often rendered powerless and passive by his wife's strength and determination. And their only son, Jesse (Evan Ellingson), drifts, at times all but forgotten as Kate and Anna take center stage.

Until Anna, now 11, says 'no.' Seeking medical emancipation, she hires her own court case that divides the family and that could leave Kate's rapidly failing body in the hands of fate.

Based on the bestselling book from Jodi Picoult, 'My Sister's Keeper' reveals surprising truths that challenge one's perceptions of family love and loyalty and give new meaning to the definition of healing. ((Movie Synopsis))

I absolutely love this movie! It is a very heartfelt story. The plotline is confusing at times but I think that is what makes in interesting. I have to admit I couldn't help but not like the mother, but I can see where she comes from. I think it gives a different view to what people with cancer go through. And the little girl, Anna, is what they call a "designer baby". Her mother's eggs and her father's sperm were altered so that she would be a perfect genetic match to her sister. She was brought into the world to keep her sister alive. Just think what kind of burden that must be to bear... Well, all-in-all I give this movie a 5 of 5 stars! I laughed and I sniffled but I enjoyed it all the way through.


The Book Explorer said...

I really want to see this movie/read the book. I dont know which I want to do first though! =)

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