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Friday, August 28, 2009

Secret Society by Tom Dolby

Secret Society by Tom Dolby 5 of 5 stars.

Once you get in... You can never get out.
Do you ever wonder how some people have it all? The best schools, the hottest parties, the priciest clothes, the easiest jobs? Maybe it's not because they work hard or get a lucky break every once in a while. Maybe it's because they're part of a secret group. A secret society.

Secret Society follows four teenagers as they sink deep into a society made up of the most powerful people in the country. You watch through the eyes of Nick, a rich party kid who is deeper than you would think. Pheobe, an artsy and willful girl moved to NYC from LA. Lauren, a fashionista with a drunk mother and a lowlife dad, the party girl with all the best clothes. And Patch. Patch who is not chosen to join this secret society but who's history is embedded deep within the group.

Secret Society is a uniquely written story that shows how far people are willing to go to succeed. It isn't something I would usually read, but it is good to read outside of your comfort zone (genre wise) once and a while. Honestly, I don't know what genre I would mark this book under. I suppose good will just have to do for now. It is exciting and refreshing, but I wouldn't call it great.

For fans of: Twilight, Alex Flinn


Lexi Girl said...

See, I wouldn't have given this 5 stars. It's maybe a 4, if only because it keeps you reading to the end. Do you know if he's writing a sequel?

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