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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Tear Collector by Patrick Jones

The Tear Collector by Patrick Jones 3 of 5 stars.

Between hookups, makeups, and breakups, there isn't a day at Lapeer High School without drama turning to trauma turning to tears.
And tears are just as essential as air for Cassandra Gray. She and her family are vampires who thirst for human sorrow, and the energy that they soak in from a good crying jag can keep them fueled up for days.
Anytime a friend needs a shoulder to cry on, Cass is there. Anytime a boyfriend gets too secure, she breaks his heart. Cass's work as a school peer counselor and hospital volunteer also provides the perfect cover and access to her family's energy source. But she to her family's energy source. But she is getting tired of all the lies and manipulation--especially now that she's actually fallen in love with a human. Can she bear to betray her family for a chance at happiness and a life lived with joy?

To say this book wasn't what I expected would be a major understatement. In a few words, it sucked. The plot wasn't that horrible, though, it was the way it was written. The main character wasn't genuine in any way until the last bit of the book. The beginning was painful to read. The majority of it was to tell the truth. Maybe its just me, but I wouldn't suggest this book to anyone.


The Tear Collector said...

painful ... sucked .. ouch

Arya said...

Can't please everyone I guess...

Anonymous said...

I have to say that i loved tis book it took a new approach to books about vampires and it was a good one. I loved the book and got hooked. Most books you read you think come on would this really happen? It talks about choosing love or betraying a family, and drama in high school, come one what schools do not have drama, gossip, or heartbreak. When it is said an done this book gets all it deserves 5 out of 5 stars

09 10