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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween + Spooky Swap!!!

Hi, everyone! I hope you are all having an awesome Halloween!! Halloween is probably one of my FAVORITE holidays. Free candy, a legitimate reason to walk around in costume, and of course... scary stories! This year I wasn't able to do much for Halloween, but I did participate in the Spooky Swap hosted by Travis at Inked Books and Jessica at A Fanatics Book Blog. Below is a picture of the awesome stuff I received from Julie at A Tale of Many Review. A special thanks to Julie for sending my this absolutely awesome stuff!! I adored the Emergency Chocolate. It read:
"For immediate relief of: Halloween mayhem, fake Frankensteins, plastic spiders and fake blood.
Directions of use: Snap off into single pieces and throw at suspects from the nearest window. Break into bigger pieces and throw if suspect returns with big brother or a large wooden object. If truly desperate hand over entire bar to these extortionists and retire." Hehe... LOVE IT!


wdebo said...

My Chinese School teacher brought one of those candy corn things to Chinese School...except they were green apple flavored...SO GOOD. I ate so much...except they were green apple flavored but I loved them. I just kept eating and eating..haha. I felt kind of bad but not really :)

Awesome swag and the emergency chocolate seems awesome =]

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