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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Jane Eyre Obsession. . .

I would like to devote today's blog post to my Jane Eyre obsession.

My followers might remember my review of Jane Eyre May of last year. Since then, I have watched nearly every film version out there, my favorite being the 2006 version with Toby Stephens as Mr. Rochester. He was beyond perfect! Though I do wish that had kept more of the religious themes in the book, something most of the movie versions seem to leave out. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2011 version as well. I think it had the best cast Jane I've seen, but it is definitely a movie for those of us who have read the book and can fill in the blanks.

Anywho, this post isn't about the movies exactly. I've just finished re-reading the book again and took even more away from the texts than I did last time. So, I've been in a Jane Eyre mood and have found the coolest inspired items on etsy which I will link here. I'll also include some movie pictures... just because I want to!

(Click the pictures below to visit the Etsy page for each item!)

Pretty, pretty please?? haha I'll be getting a car soon, and I think I'll have to have this! $13 is a steal too.

Yes, please! I think it would be cute to wear this to the premier of the next Twilight movie, just to confuse people! hehe

My first oil painting was of Thornfield Hall.

A quote I particularly enjoyed in my last read through:

"It does good to no woman to be flattered by her superior, who cannot possibly intend to marry her; and it is madness in all women to let a secret love kindle within the, which, if unreturned and unknown, must devour the life that feeds it; and, if discovered and responded to, must lead, ignis-fatuus-like, into miry wilds whence there is no extrication."

And... Back to the movies. :D Part of the reason I think Toby Stephens made such a good Rochester is because my opinion of him has always pretty much been that he is so ugly, he's handsome. I know! That sounds ridiculous, but its kind of true. The other reason is that I like the way he was portrayed in this movie best, he's more like I imagined him, more passionate and animated with a distinct if gruff sense of humor.

I am also of the opinion that Mia Wasikowska is the best cast Jane. She's almost exactly how I imagined her, and while lacking a bit of the fire I see her with in the book, she is very well portrayed in the 2011 version.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, I have included my favorite scene from the books as well as from the 2011 movie. I think it was incredibly well done and Michael Fassbender's performance was remarkable.

I hope I haven't bored you with my fandom. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I have to read the book badly, i HAVE A COPY but have not read it yet.

Love this part;
"Yes, please! I think it would be cute to wear this to the premier of the next Twilight movie, just to confuse people! hehe" looool yessssss totally agree.

Arya said...

hehe :D You DO have to read it!! It is sooo good! I know you'll love it. <3

GMR said...

Great post! I'm still new-ish to the Jane Eyre craze...but slowly but surely I'm moving to the "dark side". LOL. Love the shirt and the painting...that's yours? Beautiful job!

Melanie said...

I've read Jane Eyre and really enjoyed it. Have you read Jane by April Lindner? It's an awesome retelling.

And you should totally wear the Team Rochester shirt to the Twilight premiere. :D

Anonymous said...

This post made my little Jane Eyre fangirl heart happy...;) hehhe.
That book is one of my very favorites. I think I read it for the first time when I was 12...I recall I stayed up all night to finish it! lol.

That shirt is amazing. awesomeness. as is the car plate.

The new version of the movie is my total favorite. Love it to death.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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