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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Faerie Path: Immortal Realm

The Faerie Path: Immortal Realm by Frewin Jones 5 of 5 stars.
For those of you who are fans of the Faerie Path books you know that the third one left us with a seemingly happily ever after ending, but what happens on the day after happily ever after? Tania's father asks her this very question just moments before her happily ever after comes crashing down around her. Edric, excited by the revelries of Cordelia and Bryn Lightfoot's marriage, proposes to Tania. Though, Tania loves Edric she cannot accept his proposal, for though she is a five hundred-and-something Immortal Princess she only remembers the last 16 years of her Mortal life and that is far too young for marriage. Edric is crushed and leaves her with the words, "In this world, love without the covenant of commitment is like a promise written on a cloud... Let me know when you feel grownup enough to be my wife. I will be waiting." But things go from bad to worse when a Faerie infant dies unexpectedly. It is believed that Tania's Mortal father brought in a sickness from the Mortal world and it is plaguing Faerie. What they don't expect is to find out that it is something far worse. The kingdom is split apart when a phony Healer is brought in to try to cure the disease, and takes a dislike to Tania. Some are on Princess Tania's side though others are insisting she must be banished from the realm. Tania must gather all of her strength and courage to discover what is really causing the plague and what the cure might be.

I absolutely loved this book! But, I must say it was extremely sad, and didn't get any better, only worse. It ends with a cliff-hanger that will keep us waiting on the edge of our seats for the 5th book. It was written with the same poetic and beautiful feel as the past three books. In some ways it kind of felt like the Faerie Path equivalent of New Moon, Edric steps out of the picture and a new guy steps in. All in all it was very surprising.

For fans of: Frewin Jones, Faerie Path, Twilight Saga, Gail Carson Levine


Rebecca said...

Sounds like a really good read, I'd better read the other two before it so I can get to this one.

09 10