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Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon- Movie Review

Twilight Saga: New Moon 5 of 5 stars

One girl, betrayed by her vampire love finds solice in the company of bestfriend and werewolf, Jacob Black. Bella finds herself going mad. Reckless actions result in an angry voice in her head, his voice.
She craves these moments of insanity and is willing to do what ever it takes to cause them. What could be more reckless than hanging out with a werewolf?
Bella needs Jacob. He's the light at the end of the tunnel for her, but what happens when Bella gets the chance to see Edward again? Can she have both?

I absolutely loved this movie. The best actors, the best music, and the best CGI all add to a wonderful script. I'll honestly be quoting this movie for the next few days. The only problem I see with it is the timeline. If you aren't a fan, and haven't read the books, I don't see how you could keep up. They go so quickly from one scene to the next, you hardly see a change. It was still wonderful though. Some things aren't exactly like the book, but it amounts to the same thing and gives the movie a bit more texture.
My favorite scene is the movie theatre scene with Bella, Jacob and Mike. But, I will say they did an awesome job casting the Volturi. The soft spoken thing was really creepy.
If you're crazy enough to think about not going to this movie, I suggest you give it a chance. Even if you aren't a fan it is enjoyable, but I think you get the most out of it if you've read the book.

Though I laughed the majority of the time, I'll admit it, I cried at the end. Bella is absolutely TOO mean to Jacob. =(


09 10