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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I officially deserve to be beat over the head with... something.
I am dreadfully sorry about not being on lately. I guess its just that time of year, everyone is busy. BUT I promise to make it up to you with plenty of interviews and contests between now and Christmas! =)
As for now, I am excited to say that I will be going to the midnight release of New Moon. Hooray, hooray! Really excited about that. I'm going into town early to hunt down a Team Jacob t-shirt.
I thought I would also let you all know that the wonderful HarperTeen site inkpop.com is now done with beta testing and is open to the public. It is an awesome site! Created by the publishers at HarperTeen, it takes a new view on YA publishing. Anyone can upload their novel for review by other authors. The project with the highest rank at the end of each month is sent to a review board at HarperTeen where they will decide whether or not to offer the author a publishing contract! You can find me and my Middle Grade novella Gabriela's Gift on there by looking me up. =)
I hope you all check that out and our enjoying the beginning of your holidays!

Much love,


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