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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Enchanted Quest by Frewin Jones

The Enchanted Quest by Frewin Jones 5 of 5 stars.
5th Book in the Faerie Path Series

"Faeries tread the Faerie Path
A trail that leads from Faerie Realm
A ship upon the Western Sea
Dark sister's hand upon the helm

"Into Alba, into Erin
Enchanted quest to undertake
An ill to cure, a truth to learn
A life to lose for true love's sake"

Tania's adventures continue as she sets upon a quest to save the Immortality of the people of Faerie. With Rathina and Connor by her side she must unravel clues and mysteries spun to her by mystical being she isn't sure she can trust. They will cross mysterious and dangerous lands on their journey to save the Realm from a plague that is running rampant. Trouble comes from near and far to bar their way to the Divine Harper, but a trouble they cannot begin to imagine is hiding in their midst. Dark secrets lying before them, and even darker ones lying among them. As their trek takes impossible turns the group is reminded that nothing is impossible with true love. But love is a strange and rare thing indeed with Rathina's beloved but malevolent Gabriel Drake long gone, Connor's seemingly unrequited love for Tania, and Edric's soul being eaten away by the Dark Arts.
But new and old friend will return to help them along their quest as they work to fight the impossible. All the while they struggle, Rathina and Tania's strength and the strength of their family is being sapped away to fuel the Gildensleep that covers the land of Faerie. Will Tania finish her quest in time to save Faerie or will their endurance fail them before all is done?

And so the adventure continues. I must say this fifth book did a good job of keeping me on the edge of my seat all the way through. There were so many questions I was dying to have answered from, "Will Tania end of with Edric or Connor?" to "Is the door to the Mortal World really closed forever?!". This book did a good job answering those question but now I find myself with even more question dancing in my head not to mention all of the riddles woven neatly throughout the novel only to leave me with a major cliff-hanger. But there is no question as to whether you should read this series. I honestly believe anyone would love it. The writing is magnificent and you cannot help but become attached to the character and find yourself cheering for them at every turn. All I have to say is; Bravo, Mr. Jones! You've done it again!...Now hurry up with that last book before I die of suspense. =)

For fans of: Frewin Jones, Carrie Jones


09 10