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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Need by Carrie Jones

Need by Carrie Jones 5 of 5 stars.

Pain shoots through my head.
Fireworks. Explosions. All inside my brain.
The white world goes dark and I know what's about to happen.

Zara White suspects there's a freaky guy semi-stalking her. She's also obsessed with phobias. And it's true, she hasn't exactly been herself since her stepfather died. But exiling her to shivery Maine to live with her grandmother? That seems a bit extreme. The move is supposed to help her stay sane... but Zara's pretty sure her mom just can't deal with her right now.
She couldn't be more wrong. Turns out the semi-stalker is not a figment of Zara's overactive imagination. In fact, he's still following her, leaving behind an eerie trail of gold dust. There's something no right--not human--in this sleepy Maine town, and all signs point to Zara.

Carrie Jones's interpretation of pixies are far different than your average Tinkerbell. In fact, they are almost like vampires in nature. I thought the plot was greatly original, the folk lore that she uses to create the stories with is rich. I absolutely adored the characters. They all have a very real quality to them. Its interesting watching Zara grow from a completely pacifist to someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the people she loves, even if she doesn't like it. She's the reluctant hero that every one wants to cheer for. The intensity of the story is mixed with sarcasm and humor. Anyone who is a fan of paranormal fantasy is sure to adore this book. I did.

For fans of: Faerie Path, Never Cry Werewolf, Beautiful Creatures, Twilight


Lea said...

Awesome review! I really loved how real the characters seemed too. :)

09 10