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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines! + Interview with Carrie Jones!!

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! What a great day to curl up with one of Carrie Jones's awesome books, Need or Captivate? I know I love them both, and I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who do. So, in honour of Valentines Day, the not-so-long-ago release of Captivate, and Carrie Jones's awesome book tour, I am thrilled to share with you my interview with this awesome and original paranormal fantasy author! ENJOY!

1. Your pixies are very original! Was there anything that sort of inspired you to create them this way?

I was at the Common Ground Fair, which is this huge, cool fair in Maine that’s sponsored by Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association (MOFGA). To get to the main part of the fair you have to walk through this sweet trail that curves through these tall spruce trees.
Right in front of me was this guy. He had a weird vibe. He was wearing all corduroy – blazer, pants. And sticking out from his blazer was this long tail-like appendage that was wrapped in different colored earth-toned cloth. I guess he could tell I was checking him out because he turned his head and looked at me. His eye was this startling silver color. How startling? So startling that I actually gasped and got creeped out.
Then when we were in line to pay we made eye contact again and his eyes were brown.
I know! I know! I probably imagined the silver eye color.
It doesn’t matter. That was one of the main things that got me started. Then, I just had this image of a man standing outside an airport pointing at an airplane this girl was on.
It also creeped me out.
So, I started writing.

2. What is the biggest thing you stumble on as far as writing goes? The passage of time, building relationships, etc.?

I write way too many love scenes because it’s my favorite thing to write and then my editor makes me cut 3/4s of them out and I cry because it’s like I’m eradicating love. I am so sad.
shakes head at self

3. Is there any particular cure for writersblock you like?

I use improv techniques to stop being blocked. Really. And then I just write and tell myself it is okay if it totally stinks, that I can always delete it. I also sometimes switch projects for a day. That way I don’t feel like a slacker.

4. Is there any one writer you look up to?

Oh man. I look up to pretty much everyone. I’m always like, “Wow. Look at what Libba Bray did here or Geeze Louise, check out Sherman Alexie’s sentence structure. Or – Oh my, did you SEE – DID YOU SEE – what M. T. Anderson did with this character. Holy Toledo.”

Yes, I talk like a 1950s sitcom mom when inspired by other authors. It’s terribly embarrassing.

In person, Kathi Appelt, Time Wynne Jones, Rita Williams Garcia, Sharon Darrow , Cynthia Leitich Smith and Lisa Jahn Clough made me believe in myself enough to do this. They are brilliant cheerleaders/writers/therapists/teachers/humans.

5. Are your characters ever inspired by people you know?

All the time. Seriously, if you know me I am so likely to take a tiny piece of you and put it into a book. If you’re my love interest it is pretty much a given that you’re going to show up. 6. Do you have any advice for young writers?

Oh my gosh (Oh no, I am sounding like a 1950s mom again), I think that everyone has their own paths to follow and there’s no one set way to be a writer but the essentials are probably:

1. To be a writer you need to actually write. Lots of people don’t. They just talk about it a lot.

2. Try to write a little bit every day. Writing is a job and it’s a skill. The more you do, usually the better you get.

3. Even though it’s a job and skill it should still be fun. It should be a passion. Life is no fun if you are stuck doing something you hate.

4. So, try to live the craziest, fullest, most awesome life you can. It will make your writing way better. Plus, you’ll seem cool. Just remember to wear deodorant while you do it because sometimes crazy, full, awesome lives make you sweat a little and smelling bad? Smelling bad stinks.

You can find more info about Carrie, her books, and the awesome tour by clicking here.


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