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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday!

What I'm waiting for this Wednesday is an awesome-sounding book that will be released June 8th from Henry Holt & Company. The cover is gorgeous and I love historical fiction novels with a thick political background. I can't wait to read this one!

Joan’s mother is Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, the most beautiful woman in the world. Her father is Henry II, the king of England. She loves them both—so what can she do when she’s forced to choose between them? As her parents’ arguments grow ever more vicious, Joan begins to feel like a political pawn. When her parents marry her off to the king of Sicily, Joan finds herself with a man ten years her senior. She doesn’t love him, and she can’t quite forget her childhood crush, the handsome Lord Raymond. As Joan grows up, she begins to understand that her parents’ worldview is warped by their political ambitions, and hers, in turn, has been warped by theirs. Is it too late to figure out whom to trust? And, more important, whom to love?

Pre-order The Queen's Daughter from Amazon.com by clicking here.


Lea said...

Sounds interesting (and I like the cover!). Great pick :)

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