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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Contest Winners!!!

Okay. Today, I cut up paper into itty-bitty strips and wrote names on them. Then I put them in a big bowl, spun them around, and played dramatic music to the tone of Hanz Zimmer. And finally, Mumsie drew out three names. Wanna know who won the amazing loot I gave away in honor of my 1 YEAR BLOGOVERSARY???

Check them out!
Fantasy Lovers Pack goes to... Jazzie!!

Vampire Lovers Pack goes to... Teddi!!

Chick-Lit Pack goes to... Yvonne!!

Congratulations everyone! And I'm sorry to those of you who lost, better luck next time! =) I'll be putting the books in the mail this week and emailing you straight away.

Much love,



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