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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guest Post: Got Books?

Hi there readers!

Welcome to another day here at Satisf....oh, wait a minute. I'm GUEST posting today, so it's not my usual location. ~looks around~ Nice digs though, if I do say so myself (and I do...or rather just did). Arya is out enjoying the sun and fun of her summer camp excursion, but the blog must go on! So, to help keep the blog going round she contacted a few of us to help her out with some posting goodness while she's away. (Thanks, Ayra!) We were even given free reign on what we wanted to talk about...a dangerous thing when handed to someone that can be indecisive at times. I mean really, what does one talk about on another site that might be of interest to their readers? *ponders*

Then like a bolt of lightning from the sky, it hit me. How about the upcoming 'Got Books?' Event? I mean it works PERFECTLY....it's something I am contributing to AND it's a celebration of books and the bloggers that support them! What better combo? So without further adieu (um, or my rambling...hehe) here we go!


So....the Got Books? Event sprang to life after the inaugural Blogmania event came and went. The combined experience of one 'insatiable reader' (yours truly...Gina) and 'the1stdaughter' (my co-creator, Danielle) mixed, stirred, and fermented (hmm..bad choice of words there) to create a bubbling concoction of bookish goodness. The result? This event!

Take one part books (which we all love...admit it!) and one part book bloggers (hey, we all help support books online through our posts whether intentional or not) and you've got a celebration to behold! We are celebrating the glorious YOU that is a book blogger! It will be a two day event taking place this July...23rd and 24th. There's a grand (yes, grand...check out the prizes listed at the site!) Kick-Off Contest to start the event off at the main site...but then, it moves on to YOUR book blog where people can make the rounds of entering your contest but also checking out your site that may have been formally unknown to them. We all like readers and the more the merrier! In an effort to support those blogs that sign up even more, we have Spotlight posts that highlight your site and even include a little blurb on your reading mission. Oh, did I mention the weekly Link-Up post for your site run contests in the mean time? Yes, yes...those are there too.

Needless to say much fun is in store and what's more if you are a book blogger and would like to participate...the sign up is still open! Just hop on over to the site (http://gotbooksevent.blogspot.com) and take a look around. If you decide to join, FABULOUS! We'd love to have you! If not...no worries...we like lurkers too. ^_^

Special thanks to Ayra for allowing me to ramble oh-so-long in this post....and thanks for your time as well readers! See you in the blogosphere...and happy reading!


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