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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chunky Bling Review

I'm sure you've all noticed the gorgeous button to the left, right? The one with the pretty purple watch? That is for the awesome jewelry site called Chunky Bling. They've got all kind of jewelry that features awesome chunky beads and beautiful hunks of Swarovski Crystals. What's a Swarovski Crystal? You know the stones in the pretty ring/necklace/bracelet of yours? The ones that shine so much they look like diamonds? Those are more than likely Swarovski Crystals. They are cut to have as many shiney facets as possible so that they reflect the most light. I've always adored them.

When a representative from Chunky Bling contacted me about posting an ad on my blog, I told him that I would have to review the product to make sure it was of good enough quality to support on here. He agreed that this would be fine, and I chose the beautiful Palace Green Swarovski Crystal Ring. I was a bit apprehensive when it came to picking a size because I have very long thing fingers and alot of times my ring size differs, so I just have to try them on. Ordering online was a bit different for me. But I guesstimated the size and sent out for it.

When the ring arrived I was surprised to find that instead of just being a straight ring, it was a little bit elasticy and fit my finger perfectly. I normally don't like rings with elastic because they aren't very comfortable, but this one fit and felt just fine. It didn't make any marks on my fingers, and oh, how it shined!

The stones are most definitely Swarovski Crystals and they shimmer in the light beautifully. The color was a bit lighter than it appears in the photograph on the website, but it is still gorgeous. It has become one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

As for the other stuff on the site, I'm thinking about order a watch myself. And I hate watches. These are just too cute!

So, if anyone is looking for any jewelry please, please, please check out Chunky Bling. The site is small, but it is 100% legit, and I promise you will be satisfied with your order!

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