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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Release Day Mistwood!

Hey, everybody! Today is Tuesday, April 26. Do you know what that means? Its the release day for one of the most awesome high fantasy novels of this year, Mistwood by debut author Leah Cypess! I'm so excited to see how this book does. I wouldn't be surprized to see it on one of the various bestseller lists (*cough cough* New York Times, maybe?) I hope all of you fantasy junkies will go out and buy a copy this week, I promise, you won't be disappointed. =) So, here's some links to other Mistwood-y stuffs. Enjoy!

My Mistwood Review!
My Interview with Leah Cypess!
Leah Cypess's Website!

Click here to order Mistwood from Amazon.com.


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Lisa Green said...

I'm so excited too! I featured Leah on my own blog yesterday and revealed her true nature... paranormalpointofview.blogspot.com

Charlotte said...

I love Mistwood too!

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