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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Photos from Decatur Book Fest!

Oh, my! I have to say, I am so glad I went to the Decatur Book Festival. It was a bit overwhelming but completely worth it. I met so many amazing people I would never have seen otherwise and had a great time. I admit that I was totally star-struck when I met Michelle Zink, Jackson Pearce, Robin Benway, Lisa Klein, and Nancy Werlin. They were super nice and I really hope I didn't make too much of a fool of myself. (Being the little bumpkin I am!) ;)

Anyway, I promised you all some pictures so here they are!! :) I strongly encourage you to check out the authors' websites and publications. They're all awesome!

One of my writing idols, Michelle Zink!

(Left to Right) The fabulous Robin Benway; Jackson Pearce, one of my new favorite people; Prophecy of the Sisters author, Michelle Zink.

Impossible author Nancy Werlin at her signing.

Nancy Werlin. Isn't she awesome?!

Lisa Klein who had just finished a speech on girl power or rather the lack thereof during Elizabethan times.

Zarle Williams, a super sweet lady and the author of The Memoirs of Joan of Arc.

The incredibly talented C.T. Douglas author of The Lore Trilogy.

Candace Christina author of the absolutely adorable book Summer of Seven.

Randy Young and Fran Orenstein from Sleepytown Press.

Steampunk author Nick Valentino promoting his book Thomas Riley.

Tyra Denine author of Damaged Goods and advocate against domestic abuse.

Ramona Bridges author of the beautiful book Sweet By and By.

Award-winning novelist Jane Harmon promoting her book Pip.

The mystical Leanna Sain author of the Gate to Nowhere books.


ifmary said...

Oh :O I wish I live in USA ! I would love to meet this people especially Michelle Zink and Jackson Pearce :). You're luchy !

Arya said...

=) Its kind of crazy though. This is the second ever book event I've been to and we had to drive 4 hours to get there. I live in the middle of nowhere. lol

Nevey ♦ Berry said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW Lucky Lucky Lucky girl ;) I am glad you had a great time plus you look so cute.

P.S. C.T. Douglas is one of the authors I envy; how old is he? he looks too young loool...

Arya said...

Thanks, Nevey!! :) It was alot of fun, but would have been more if you had been there!

I know right? I'm pretty sure he's 21. You'll have to check out my interview with him when I post it sometime next week.

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