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Friday, December 10, 2010

Blog Tour: Threads and Flames by Esther Friesner

Threads and Flames by Esther Friesner 5 of 5 stars.


It's 1910, and Raisa has just traveled alone from a small Polish shtetl all the way to New York City. It's overwhelming, awe-inspiring, and even dangerous, especially when she discovers that her sister has disappeared and she must now fend for herself. How do you survive in a foreign land without a job, a place to live, or a command of the native language?

Perseverance and the kindness of handsome young Gavrel leads Raisa to work in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory sewing bodices on the popular shirtwaists. . . until 1911 dawns, and one March day a spark ignites in the factory. Fabric and thread and life catch fire. And the flames burn hot enough to change Raisa--and the entire city--forever. (Book blurb)

Raisa is a strong and determined young Jewish woman who is ready to leave the home and people she loves to go after her sister in The Golden Land. After fighting down a sickness that left her with ridiculously short hair and an even stronger view on what she is capable of she finally has enough money to go.

On the way to this strange new world, Raisa is left caring for a little girl whose mother died on the voyage. When Raisa finds herself alone in New York City with no way of finding her sister and little to no skills at a sewing machine all she can think about is how she will be able to support them both. But Raisa's strength, courage, and determination save her time and again as she tries to create a stable life for herself and little Brina while still looking for her sister.

However, nothing could have prepared her for what was to come. . .

Threads and Flames is a beautiful and gripping tale of hope, love, and persistence. Esther Friesner's beautiful storytelling and character creation bring life to a tragic event in our countries history. She gives us a solid way to connect and sympathize with the helpless victims of the Triangle Factory Fire.

Esther Friesner has been one of my favorite historical fiction writers for years. She brings solid realism to stories shrouded in the dust of time, and brings a fantastical air to the simplest of things. Normally, reading a story about a girl going on a voyage and trying to find her way in a new place would be interesting to me, but ultimately rather boring. Threads and Flames wasn't like that. I hung on the author's every word as I followed Raisa through the story. Her personality and voice kept me interested the whole time. The story's other characters where just as amazing. From spunky, little Brina to the hilariously adorable Gavrel there wasn't a dull moment in the whole story.

The novel brought me both laughter and tears, but most importantly, it left me feeling good after reading it. There aren't many good books that leave you satisfied, without wishing there was something more. This one did, though I do wish there could be a movie based on this book. I know it would be gorgeous.

Whether you like realistic fiction, historical fiction, or pretty much anything else if you can appreciate strong characters and beautiful storytelling you will adore this novel! I highly suggest it to everyone.

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Wasn't this a terrific book? Great review :)

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