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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Prisoners in the Palace Giveaway Winner!!


How Princess Victoria became Queen with the Help of Her Maid, a Reporter, and a Scoundrel.

London, 1836. Seventeen-year-old Liza's dreams of her society debut are dashed when her parents are killed in a tragic accident. Alone and penniless, she accepts the positions of lady's maid to the young Princess Victoria and steps unwittingly into the gossipy intrigue of the servants' world below-stairs as well as the trickery above. Is it possible that her changing circumstances may offer Liza the opportunity to determine her own fate, find true love, and secure the throne for her future Queen? (Book Blurb)

The winner of this absolutely gorgeous book is... Nevey from La Vanity Victorienne! Congratulations!

The book will be sent out by Chronicle Books in honor of their Prisoners in the Palace blog tour.

For those of you who didn't win, you can still buy the book from Amazon.com by clicking here.

Thank you to all those who entered!

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