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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice, Eragon, Eclipse and More

My lovely readers! So good to see you again. Hehe. No, I haven't been purposefully lazy this last week, I have been dreadfully sick and still sort of am. But, since my brain was working a bit more properly, I thought I'd give you a recap of all the news from the past week.

Before becoming too sick to leave the house I was able to see Alice in Wonderland. While I adore Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway, I wasn't very impressed with the movie. But that's probably because I was never very crazy about Alice in Wonderland to begin with. The costumes were great but the 3D hurt my eyes a bit. I was surprised by how much better 3D effects have gotten since I last saw a movie in it. Overall I would give the movie 3 stars out of 5.

And let's not forget the much anticipated release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer! I was excited to see it but sadly there wasn't much to see. It definitely doesn't look (from the trailer) as exciting as New Moon. I was hoping for a glimpse of the vampire army. And apart from that I couldn't help but giggle at the way the actors looked. Its like some freaked out soap opera. But I am still excited to see it.

And now I bet your wondering where Eragon comes into all this, right? Well, RandomHouse's fantasy website/blog Suvudu.com is doing this fantasy character "Cage Match" thing. I don't really get the point but it is very entertaining. And guess who one of the match ups was!? Eragon vs. Aslan. Yes. Dragon Rider boy against C.S. Lewis's lion interpretation of God. I wasn't sure if I should laugh or be completely appalled. But I think they did good by it without offending anyone. And according to the little poll at the bottom of the post I'm guessing Aslan won, but like I said, I didn't really understand what the point was. Here's a link to the post, I think you'll enjoy it. Aslan vs. Eragon

And last but not least, I thought I'd toss my word into the seemingly never-ending conversation about Affiliates that is going around all of the blogs right now. I, personally, consider every single one of the blogs that you see on my blog roll as Affiliates. No, I don't inform everyone of all of their posts, but that isn't the point. When I was younger I used to do graphic designs for the website neopets.com. At the time there were a good many graphic sites set up for this purpose. I, of course, decided to make my own. Then everyone would have links to some of the other similar sites and call themselves Affiliates. How is that helpful? Because if someone doesn't find exactly what they're looking for on your site they can look through your Affiliates and see if they can find it there.
But that's just one way to do things I suppose. Thanks for listening to me ramble and ease my lazy conscience.

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