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Monday, March 22, 2010

Bro-Jitsu by Daniel H. Wilson

Bro-Jitsu the Martial Art of Sibling Smackdown by Daniel H. Wilson 5 of 5 stars.
26 Techniques to Gain Family Domination
To be released by BloomsburyUSA April 13, 2010

The world's most (okay, only) comprehensive guide to sibling torment.
Kung Fu. Tae Know Do. Karate. All ancient martial arts that have been around for thousands of years. But there's only one that's been studied by billions of brothers and sisters the world over. We're talking about Bro-Jitsu.
Defensive, and Psychological moves, Bro-Jitsu is a tongue-in-cheek encyclopedia of sibling smackdown, from how to most effectively include pro-wrestling moves in a standard bout to executing a full-body defensive fish wiggle, which will get you out of just about any choke hole or tackle. Throughout the book, diagrams and illustrations of the moves help you in your quest toward Bro-Master status. (book blurb)

I've honestly got to say, this is the most hilarious book I have read in a while. Actual tears came out of my eyes. I requested a review copy of this book expecting a little novelty book I could review and give to my younger cousins afterward, but now I DON'T WANT TO GIVE IT AWAY! Daniel H. Wilson has an absolutely perfect way of writing to bring out exactly how funny each of these moves is, and I can guarantee that whether or not you have siblings you will get major dejavu reading this. My mother adores it as well. We're waiting on the book to come out so that we can order a bunch of gift copies. I don't think anyone could possibly NOT like this book. I highly recommend it to everyone ages 6-66! I'm going to include a couple of excerpts to give you a small taste of how wonderful this book really is. Enjoy!

"Warning: Dealing with Only Children"
"A percentage of people on this planet do not have siblings. Scientists call these unfortunate people only children. These 'only children' can be found any where; they may be people you play with or people you ride the bus to school with. Be careful. Without years of daily training in Bro-Jitsu, only children may never properly learn how to tease, taunt, or rassle. An only child may take casual insults to heart. After a friendly noogie, headlock, or wet willy, an only child my react by punching you in the face, causing real blood to come out of your nose or lip. Stay alert and do not be taken by surprise; an only child can be as dangerous as a cornered badger."

"Stealth Butt Kick"
"While Walking side by side, shift the weight off the leg that is away from your sibling and bend your knee. Now deliver a quick behind-the-back kick to the seat of your sibling's pants and keep walking. If blamed for the kick, deny it. If kicked back, tell Mom."

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